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Services We Offer

Mold Remediation

Mold growth, left untreated, leads to extensive damage and a rising health concern for families. Unlike other damage we see, indoor mold can often proliferate without drawing attention from the homeowner. Areas with excessive moisture will create a breeding ground for mold. Studies have linked household mold to upper respiratory tract infections in otherwise healthy children and adults. Our expert team professionally removes mold lurking in areas such as drywall, pipes, flooring, and assures full structural repairs are correctly completed.

Fire Damage

Fire is often responsible for the most significant repair needs. In 2019 alone, fire damage incurred $12.3 billion in property damage. A proper remediation will assure all damage caused by flames, heat, smoke, and water is restored to proper condition. While fire damage is a multi-factor remediation process, the best advice is to address each matter quickly to avoid incompletely burned organic matter further damaging the home. Our team has the expertise to handle water cleanup, soot removal, smoke, and direct fire damage.

Water | Leak

Water damage left untreated can lead to more costly damages. In general, three types of water will enter a home: rainwater, fresh water, and sewage. Mold can begin growing from the excess moisture in as little as 24-hours. Our team has a proven, multi-step procedure to address the source of the leakage and remove the excess water before more costly damage occurs. With the increased risk of water damage brought forth by hurricanes, tropical storms, and downpours, the DryPro team is ready to respond.

Broad Service Hours

Accidents are rarely ever planned. We understand how emotionally taxing and stressful a disaster can be. We offer communication around-the-clock and employ staff capable of mitigating damage around the clock. Clients can text or call our service line. With an average response time of 15-minutes, our team is never far from reach.

In Business For You

As an independent and locally owned restoration business, our responsibiltiy lies entirely with our clients, not an insurance company. We work for you alongside your insurance company to ensure the needed restoration is met with complete efficacy.
Our company uses the the most advanced technology to ensure smooth billing and processing to your insurance provider.

Certified Professionals

Our business employs restoration experts who have completed hundreds of jobs with the utmost care and satisfaction. Clients of DryPro see first hand the efficiency, knowledge, and care each member of our team delivers to each home we service. DryPro is honored to have received large service requests, including Lakewood Ranch Country Club and A1A Motel.

When Disaster Strikes, Our Clients Know Who To Call.

We are proud to be a 5-star restoration company in our area. We invite you to read the kind words submitted by our clients. 


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